Sir Anton’s secret, Iodica, Zianica Adaptogen

Through the support of a natural method including training, a high-quality varied diet, good hydration habits, quality rest and a balanced mind, a person can achieve peak performance and repeat it naturally.

The combination of Sir Anton’s Secret, Iodica, and Zianica Adaptogen products means the path to natural strength, immunity and health arising from a correctly functioning body. The path we provide consists of the synergetic working of three unique products; it’s a way of achieving optimum physical condition.

The effects of individual components are as follows:

1) Sir Anton’s Secret – introduces substances which tone the human body. It cleanses the cardiovascular system, renews the natural elasticity of the blood vessels, has anabolic benefits and significantly builds up the non-specific resistance of the organism. It eliminates stress when taken long term.

2) Iodica – cleansing of the organism using a unique fluid which contains natural iodine and establishes in the body a favorable state for the application of natural adaptogens with a toning and stimulatory effect. The cleaner the organism is – less burdened by ballast substances – the faster the adaptogens can act. Iodica acts favorably in two directions: it cleanses the organism in a natural way and optimizes the function of the thyroid which is the source of hormones which are important for metabolism when taken long term.

3) Zianica Adaptogen – a source of stimulatory benefit for the organism. It contains adaptogenic substances delivered by maral extract. It is used in the short term, especially if a one-time performance improvement is necessary, working for about 4-5 hours.

The whole process is aimed at making the organism naturally strong, durably resistant and powerful. It does not burden the organism, indeed it helps the organism to cope with its strains using its natural mechanisms. No substances are used that would replace any of which the organism itself should produce.

GENESYS EUROPE s.r.o. cooperates with Iodica Group a.s., Planta Medica a.s., Mudr. Jiri Landa and the TOP Athletic team s.r.o.

We are cooperating with Iodica Group a.s. – producer of the unique water with natural iodine and Planta Medica a.s. – producer of maral extract, with Mudr. Jiri Landa and with the TOP Athletic team s.r.o. in a specialized group we help prepare for competitions.

Members of the group include:

  • Lucie Skrobakova – National record holder for 100m hurdles (2009)
  • Petr Svoboda – National record holder for 60m hurdles (2010)
  • Denisa Rosolova – National record holder for 300m hurdles (2010)
  • Jirina Ptacnikova – Pole-vaulter 4.65 m (2010)