Sir Anton´s Secret

The impact of constant stress, a poor lifestyle, lack of movement and a polluted environment conduces to chronic fatigue, weakening of the immune system, damage to the metabolism and later to a number of illnesses, such as excess cholesterol, frequent sclerosis in the cerebral and cardiac arteries, fatal tumours, allergies, diabetes and others.

The classical medicine to which we turn out with problems treats our symptoms, but not the cause of our health problems. So far, therapeutic treatment methods based on topping up missing critical substances in our cells, (vitamins, minerals) and overall detoxification of the body, which in contradiction to classical treatments eliminate the cause of health problems and accelerate a return to good health and good physical condition, have not been correctly appreciated. Our bodies only flourish because they receive over a long period what they need in their most pure natural form. Moreover toxic substances are excreted, which is the basis of the healing process. Balanced complexes of protective substances - antioxidants - are of major significance in maintaining health.

I have been working on orthomolecular nutrition for more than ten years and when lecturing I try to give people my personal experience. I myself know that every illness comes about as a result of the imbalance which occurs when our bodies contain too many harmful substances and by contract when our cells lack critically important substances. This imbalance reveals itself in fatigue and excessive irritability; we are susceptible to infections, and if we overlook these signals, serious problems can gradually develop. One should realise that good health is above all in the hands of each of us. Illness is not something inevitable, but is often the result of something that we have neglected.

The Sir Anton's Secret applied tablet is intended for everyone who is interested in actively managing their own health. It is aimed at regeneration of the arterial system, strengthening of the nervous system and secures an adequate supply of energy to the organism. It is a mixture of important antioxidants which are soluble both in water and in lipids. Of some importance is Ginkgo biloba, included for regeneration of brain cells, which are very sensitive to the body's overall toxicity. The presence of bioflavonoid in green tea extract significantly suppress the peroxidation of lipids. This is very important for the regeneration of arteries and their protection. Because today there is already persuasive evidence, that an essential prerequisite for damage and sclerosis of the arteries is the oxidation of LDL (cholesterol) by free radicals. The Sir Anton's Secret tablet is not only an support which mobilises the body's own healing powers, but it also strengthens the organism in defending itself against illness.

In connection with the recently determined disorder of cellular metabolism characterised by an increase in the level of homocysteine (Hcy), I value the adequate quantity of Vitamin B6 and folic acid in the tablet. It is unbelievable, that directly inside human cells there is generated a substance which is absolutely essential for life on either, but which when accumulated begins to be toxic. Homocysteine plays a part in those biochemical processes which determine the basic life functions of cells: oxygen use, energy acquisition and reproduction.

Without an adequate supply of Vitamin B6 and folic acid, homocysteine is not correctly metabolised and accumulates itself as a harmful substance in cells. Its accumulation in a cell would kill it. For this reason cells get rid of excess Hcy by discharging it into the bloodstream. There Hcy concentrates and chronic poisoning of the organism begins. A person affected in this way is threatened with serious diseases. Penetration of Hcy from cells into the bloodstream immediately begins the generation of free radicals. Together with Hcy, these bring about increased cholesterol formation. An increased level Hcy in the blood thus helps to create conditions for coronary thrombosis and other cardiovascular diseases. It has however been shown that a heightened level of Hcy has its part in a whole series of further serious illnesses.

For strength and energy the tablet contains pure Peruvian maca. This provides the organism with a large quantity of necessary vitamins and trace elements. It settles the nervous system and guarantees stress resistance.

The care here described is not the product of pharmaceutical companies, but the result of efforts to respect natural laws.

RNDr. Jitka Sefrhansova, CSc.